Cultural Activities


Berry picking – Request Tour /2 hours June – August ($40 per person or $225 per group of 6+)
  Learn the different types of berries the Secwepemc picked over the course of the seasons. Go on a short trip and pick the berries. Listen to the guide share the Shuswap history of the area.
Smudge Ceremony – 15-30 min (Free)
  A smudging ceremony is carried out for the purpose of clearing negative energy, and inviting peace, harmony, and ease into a person’s life, a challenging situation, or an uneasy or negative environment. It’s up to you to decide how much time and energy to devote to your ceremony. 
Canoe Tour – April – Oct / 2 hours ($50 per Adult - $35 for youth 6 – 16, Free for children 5 and under, Minimum of 6 Adults/Maximum of 12, Group rates are $300 - $400 per trip)
  Paddle along the shore of the Shuswap Lake, down the Little River to the Little Shuswap Lake. Enjoy the wildlife that nature offers. Listen to the guide share the myths and the legends of the Shuswap first nation’s people. Waiver must be signed. You will be paddling! 
 Hiking Tours – Offered Daily / 2 hours ($50 per Adult - $35 for youth 6 – 16,  Free for children 5 and under, Group rates $225 per group of 6+)
  We will take you on hikes around the local area and share our Shuswap traditional landmarks along with the different types of plants we still use today for medicines and eating.
Sweat Lodge – Request Tour / 2 hours (Honorarium for Elder) No Children 
The sweat lodge is a place of spiritual refuge for mental and physical healing. A sweat is typical four sessions called rounds. Each round will last 20-30 minutes. The round ends when the leader of the sweat announces “all my relations” and the door opens. Waiver must be signed. Requires good health.
Winter Home – Daily Tours / 2 hours ($40 per Adult - $25 for youth 6 – 16, Bannock provided for an Additional $20 per batch, marshmallows for an additional $5)
Imagine what it would feel like to live in a winter home. Listen to how the Shuswap people lived before the European’s arrived. Take part in cooking traditional bread on an open fire along with roasting marshmallows. 
Medicine Ride About - Daily Tours / 2 hours ($ 40 per seat)  
  Enjoy the natural element of nature and what it offers. Ride along in a golf cart and experience the different types of plants mother earth provides for us in a natural setting in the different seasons. Experience the wilderness while enjoying the scenery.

To Book a Program Contact: Frank Antoine (Cultural Coordinator) 
Quaaout Lodge 250-679-3090, Ext: 411 or by completeting and submitting the below form:

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