Festival Of Trees

Congratulations to the sponsors of the winning trees as voted by Quaaout Lodge visitors!

1st Place (a tie):
Tree #7 by Le7Ke Spa and Little Bear Gift Shop
1st Place (a tie):
Tree #8 by Planet Clean
2nd Place:
Tree #9 by House of Harmony
3rd Place:
Tree #1 by Scotch Creek Bottle Depot







Your business could
sponsor & decorate a
tree on display at the
Quaaout Lodge this
Holiday Season!

Everyone can vote!
Proceeds will go to
the Salvation Army 
of Salmon Arm



~December 4th to 20th, 2013~




Contact Sherri O'Dine

for detaisl on sponsoring a tree

E-Mail: catering@quaaoutlodge.com or rlaug@quaaoutlodge.com
Call: 250.679.3060 

  • $75 entry fee
  • Quaaout Lodge will supply a tree ane stand


  • Sponsors will decorate their business' tree in style!


  • Deadline for decorating trees is November 30th


  • Winner annoucned Sunday, December 22nd