Our History

The Little Shuswap band Chief and Council welcome you to the Little Shuswap Indian Band. To the people of the Little Shuswap it's known at Skwlax. The settlers could not say the Shuswap name so it is known today as Squilax. Skwlax in the Shuswap language is known as black bear.


Whether you are travelling through on vacation or planning to stay with us awhile, we know you will agree that truly we have the "Land of the Great Spirit." From the snow-capped mountains to the panoramic view of the Shuswap Lake, the natural scenic wonders will leave you breathless and yearning to return once more.

A limited amount of hunting on the reservation has preserved the abundance of wildlife in their pristine environment. Campgrounds amid the pines are easily reached, minutes from the main highways. Most of the recreational areas are especially scenic with excellent fishing close at hand. The flora and fauna of the Little Shuswap are a photographers dream.

With all that we have to offer, we ask that you come... come visit us... come stay with us... all that we ask is that you treat the land and the people with respect. This is our home for the short time that we are here on Mother Earth, but it is the home of the great spirit for eternity.


Little Shuswap Band Chief:

Chief of Little Shuswap Indian Band

My name is Felix Arnouse. My spiritual name is Seci7ce, translated it means the spotted eagle leader. The name was given to me by my grandmother at birth and I believe that I was the last baby born given an Indian name. I was told that when a name is given to you at birth there’s a role that goes with the name. Growing up, my five grandmothers always talked to me about leadership. I was elected chief of Little Shuswap Band twenty seven years ago and prior to being chief was a band councillor for ten years. Prior to being a politician, I was employed in the forest industry employed by the Federated Co-op in the mill, plywood plant and the planer mill, as well as working for Adams Lake Lumber. Out of school I started as a logger for my uncles. As a council member, I hold the portfolios of social development, forestry, self-government by-laws, sports and recreation.

As a leader of the community, I discovered that politics is difficult to deal with. I discovered that to be an effective leader, the healing path was the answer to the community.

Some of my experiences are as follows:

  • Band Councillor
  • Band Chief
  • Volunteer Fire Chief
  • Volunteer fire fighter
  • Cross cultural workshops (RCMP) various organizations
  • Negotiated protocol agreement with Ministry of Children and Family Services
  • Counsel youth and adults on healing journeys through the sweat lodge
  • Couched junior men’s fastball team (Kamloops League)
  • Economic initiatives for Little Shuswap Band


I also negotiated successful joint venture partnerships with Sun Peaks on staff housing and with Powder Hounds, a cat ski operations and housing development at Horse Bay. I have ten percent ownership with All Nations Trust.

The topics listed have played an important role in my life, as well as, helping community members understand and communicate with one another. I look continuously to the native spirituality for the healing and well-being of all people and community members in my life.

Hobbies: As part of my healing I am active in various sports...


  • Slow-pitch
  • Downhill skiing
  • Golf
  • Boating-tubing and wake-boarding
  • Curling - I am working on becoming a certified curling instructor


I've Studied martial arts...



  • Kick boxing
  • Kung-Fu
  • Judo
  • Ju-jitsu