A Look at the Heritage of Quaaout Lodge and Spa at Talking Rock Resort

Explore the rich Indigenous culture and heritage behind Quaaout Lodge and Spa at Talking Rock Golf Resort: the pride of the Little Shuswap Lake Indian Band members.

The Little Shuswap Lake Indian Band

The Little Shuswap Indian Band (also known as Little Shuswap Lake Indian Band) is a First Nations community in the Secwepemc Nation in British Columba, Canada. Its primary reserve is along the shore of Little Shuswap Lake in Chase, BC, where the territory is referred to as “Skwlax” (meaning “black bear” in the Shuswap language); the original settlers were unable to say the Shuswap name so today it is known as Squilax.

Our mission is to provide the best possible future for the Secwepemc people by leading by positive example, communicating openly, and promoting community wellness through being positive role models, modelling sobriety, and being open to constructive change. Our goal is to be a self-reliant community that is supported by our cultural and traditional values, and we are fortunate to have not only strong leadership, but a clear vision to support that goal. In addition to Quaaout Lodge and the Talking Rock Golf Course, we also own and operate the Skwlax Airstrip, the Skwlax Centre and have several forestry agreements with the Government of British Columbia.

Little Shuswap Lake Indian Band is thankful for our wonderous land that features snow-covered mountains, a panoramic view of the stunning Shuswap and Little Shuswap Lakes, and is accented by wild flora and fauna. An abundance of wildlife freely roam in their natural habitat, which has been protected by hunting limits on the reservation.

A First Nations Resort

Ground-breaking ceremonies for Quaaout Lodge and Spa at Talking Rock Golf Resort took place in 1991, but the idea was born long before. In 1979, the Little Shuswap Lake Band members conceived the idea with the goal of offering employment and long-term security for the band and its members and a vision to generate economic development with a sustainable business venture. Elder and former Chief, William Arnouse, chose the name “Quaaout,” meaning “when the sun’s rays first hit the water” in Secwepemctisin. Councillor John Anderson designed the logo, and former Chief Felix Arnouse worked closely with the architects to design the lodge’s Kekuli (“pit house” or Shuswap winter home) which inspired our spectacular lobby.

We officially opened our doors in 1992, and, in 2001, we expanded to include the Quaaout Conference Centre for the community to gather and host events such as weddings, business meetings, trade shows, community gatherings, and theatre shows. In March 2007, we opened an award-winning course that is among the best of BC’s Indigenous golf courses: the Les Furber-designed Talking Rock Golf Course, which was named in recognition of the band’s ancestors who often painted or carved pictographs – symbols or drawings done by hand that were used to communicate before written language was developed – to diarize events, including rites of passage, vision quests, family occasions, or to mark hunting grounds. Both Quaaout Lodge and Talking Rock Golf Course feature replicas of Shuswap Territory pictographs that tell the story of our Indigenous heritage. We encourage guests to find them and try to decipher their meaning. You can find an explanation of some of our on-site pictographs here. Quaaout also offers cultural activities such as paddle painting for guests to make their own creations.

Since our, Quaaout Lodge has undergone further development and extensive renovations, including the addition of balconies to all our guest rooms and suites so our breathtaking views could be properly enjoyed, extending our dining room to include a sports lounge, and the opening of Le7ke Day Spa.

Quaaout Lodge and Spa at Talking Rock Golf Resort welcomes guests from around the world – and we would love to welcome you! Book your stay with us today!