Please note the below services cannot be performed on pregnant guests

Vichy Shower Skin Renew – 60min $120

The practitioner prepares the clients skin with warm water then performs a total body sugar scrub and removal while the client lays on the teak Vichy table. A wand with 8 interchanging water jets and changing lights is placed over the body to give an amazing water massage. The client then rests in the infrared sauna before taken to the treatment room for a 20-minute massage application of body creams to moisturize and condition the skin.

Add a deep conditioning hair treatment for $20

Vichy Shower Skin Renew Deluxe – 100min - $220

This is the Vichy Skin Renew with a deep conditioning hair treatment and a one-hour Relaxation Massage added on.

Thermal Body Wrap – 75min $160

The practitioner cleanses and exfoliates the clients skin, then applies a paraben free moisture mask that is naturally hydrating, antioxidant- rich with argan oil from Morocco and botanical extracts, to the body before wrapping in in a thermal blanket. The heat from the blanket helps to penetrate the ingredients deep into the skin for optimal results. While the blanket is doing the work an Eminence facial cleanse and mask application is done to give you an optimal experience of cleansing and moisturization. After the products are removed a 5 to 10 minute infared sauna is recommended to aid in total detoxification before a 20 minute moisturizing massage is completed.

Ultimate Thermal Body Wrap – 110min - $250

The thermal body wrap with a 1 hour moisturizing relaxation massage added on.

Aqua Therapy Bath & Sauna – 40min $60

Soak in a luxury hydrotherapy tub infused with Bathorium Salts that relax, rejuvenate, detoxify and restore your body and soul. This is followed by a 10-minute infrared sauna to maximize this experience.

Add onto other services for $45