Choose Your Own Corporate Banquet at Quaaout Lodge

Choose Your Own Corporate Banquet at Quaaout Lodge

Corporate banquets are a great way to celebrate achievements or honour employees. If you’re hosting a corporate retreat, a banquet can open or close the event in a special way. At Quaaout Lodge, we have a unique venue in a picturesque setting for your next event.

Features of a Good Banquet

Banquets aren’t just about the food, although the menu is a big deal. You need to think about decorations, seating, and traffic flow. At Quaaout Lodge, our event planners focus on the details of your banquet. From delicious food to mountain views, your guests will be amazed at the corporate banquet, because we make sure everything runs like clockwork.

Planning the Order of Events at the Banquet

A timeline of events at a banquet helps to keep you on schedule throughout the dinner. We can help you plan the order of events, whether you’re serving a buffet or plated dinner. Corporate banquets can include anything from awards, honours, entertainment, live music, and more. Our professionals with events know how to make your banquet flow smoothly.

9 Steps that Will Ensure the Banquet Meal Is a Hit

  1. Consider your guests and their professional level, ethnicity, and where they live.
  2. What type of food will your guests enjoy—spicy, healthy, adventurous, or classic?
  3. Offer multiple options of each course.
  4. Anticipate special needs, allergies, intolerances, religious requirements, or other dietary restrictions.
  5. Use seasonal and local items.
  6. Consider ethnic or regional menus.
  7. Choose a menu that fits your time frame. Buffets need at least an hour, while box lunches work well for shorter lunch breaks.
  8. Make sure to have the right setup to serve guests comfortably.
  9. Think about food presentation. We eat with our eyes first, so you want meals to be presented at their best.

Make Your Event Exclusive 

Corporate retreats are a great team-building event. Include a special banquet as part of your next event to give your team something to talk about until the next event. Let our professional planners work with you to plan a corporate banquet as part of your business meeting. Contact Quaaout Lodge for more information.