BC Salmon Run

Every year around in October the sockeye salmon return home to spawn.

The salmon travel up the Fraser River, turn into the Thompson River and then split into the South Thompson at Kamloops, and then into Little Shuswap Lake, Little River, and then into Shuswap Lake and to the mouth of the Adams River. It is an incredible journey and when the salmon arrive they have lost their silver sheen and have turned almost scarlet.

The Roderick Haig-Brown Park is a splendid place to visit at any time of year, but particularly in early October during the run of the Adams River sockeye salmon. Every fourth year is a “dominant” run, with millions of fish to be seen.The Adams River Salmon Society coordinates the celebration known as the “Salute to the Sockeye” during the dominant years. These years often have substantial returns of sockeye and offer excellent viewing opportunities.

Join in for the next dominant year in 2022. The best place to view spawning salmon will be the viewing platform near the parking lot.

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