Our Unique Approach

Director of Food & Beverage/Executive Chef, Chris Whittaker’s passion is in using local ingredients seasonally throughout the year. We have teamed up with many local farmers to bring the freshest ingredients year- round to our guests. A warm and intimate ambience combined with views of Little Shuswap Lake and friendly service merge to make every meal a true sensory experience.

Our Partners

Other local producers and partners: Thiessen Farm . Ikigai Farm, Pacific Provider Salmon.

“It is really important that we support our communities and support our region. I have never been more excited as a chef to represent a region than I have the Shuswap. We are blessed with so much bounty, we want to represent it in the best possible way, and we are doing that through our food”

– Chris Whittaker
Director of Food & Beverage/Executive Chef